For Commercial Tenants

For Commercial Tenants

Rentals Available

If you are looking for space for your business, we have a rapidly growing portfolio for you to choose from. Office, warehouse, or combination of the two? Manufacturing facility? Downtown? Near the airport, highways or courier depots? Chattanooga has a little of everything!

Please use the Search features in our website to see exactly what we have available for your business right now. If you have special needs, feel free to call our office or use the Contact Us page to send us a note.

You are also welcome to subscribe to our free newsletter for commercial renters. That is the easiest way to stay up to date about any specials we offer.

How We Take Care of Property

We make frequent drive-by inspection tours of all properties. This is not just to see whether yours looks good. If anything is happening nearby that could become a problem, we want to find out early and see what we can do about it.

We always notify tenants in writing before interior inspections. These inspections are done in the tenant’s presence. If anything needs maintenance or repair, we want to find out early and take care of it before it becomes serious. Our maintenance and repair work is done by qualified personnel. We ensure the quality of the work by making spot checks and follow up inspections, and we keep maintenance disruptions as minor as we can.

This Is a Great Place for Business

Chattanooga has a mild climate, and is well located for transportation access to many markets. You might be surprised by the number of inventions that started here and then spread nationwide, too. Tow trucks, Little Debbie® snack cakes, MoonPies®, Krystal® hamburgers, all were created here! This is also where Coca Cola® was first bottled. Volkswagon is building a manufacturing facility here.

Chattanooga successfully remade itself after its economic base collapsed. This city has a reputation for the can-do attitude of its people… a history of making things, and making things happen. If that is what you want your business to do, you have chosen the right place!

This is also a friendly place for your employees to live. Your workers will like the lack of state income tax on their wages. The updated riverfront and revitalized downtown host family-friendly special events throughout the year, ranging from small festivals to the acclaimed Riverbend music festival. Downtown also boast the Tennessee Aquarium, IMAX theatre and Discovery Museum–just three of the many sightseeing opportunities in the area. Not to mention the recreation available on the lake, at the river or in the rolling green countryside.

So… now that you have chosen such a great city, let us know what kind of space your business needs, and let us find it for you!