For Property Owners

For Property Owners

Management Programs

We offer management programs for:

    • residential property
    • commercial property
    • full service management of active rental units
    • “cafeteria plan” service for owners who want only specific support services
  • caretaking service for “real estate owned” (foreclosed) units

Our fees and terms are carefully chosen to align your best interests and our best interests as closely as possible.

Services for Owners

We provide each property owner with a customized proposal. Typical features of our services for you include:

    • Collect tenants’ monthly charges and, if necessary, any late fees.
    • Pursue any legal action needed to remove a tenant for non-payment of rent. (Owner will be responsible for all legal fees.)
    • Deposit all collected funds in a property management bank account.
    • Pay invoices related to the property. If collected funds and reserves for the property are insufficient to pay all necessary invoices, Greyhaven will contact the owner and the owner will provide enough additional funding so that all necessary invoices can be paid.
    • Receive all maintenance requests from tenants and from the owner and assess all maintenance requests for urgency and priority.
    • Address urgent maintenance issues as quickly as possible, especially where safety is at stake. Address other maintenance issues appropriately.
    • See that all maintenance service is completed to the satisfaction of tenants and the owner.
    • Inspect the property on a regular basis to see that the property is maintained to the owner’s satisfaction. (DISCLAIMER: We are not ourselves electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, mold detection specialists, and so on. We engage such experts as appropriate when an owner authorizes maintenance and repairs. When we are presented with a certificate of occupancy or have repairs done by a properly qualified specialist, we must take that as evidence that a property or repair meets building codes. We cannot claim to be building code experts ourselves and can only inspect on behalf of owners in the same manner that typical owners would.)
    • When the property is in need of a new tenant, market and advertise the property for lease. Marketing costs will be paid from the property’s revenues. Marketing may include signage on the property, newspaper advertisements, and placement at websites such as
    • Send a monthly report by the 10th (tenth) of each month regarding incomings and outgoings for the property. Deposit any excess of income over expenses-plus-reserve to owner’s bank account.
    • Provide a copy of Greyhaven’s certificate of business insurance to the owner.
    • Will use only vendors with appropriate licenses, general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.
    • Will “master key” all units in the property.
    • Will set up and maintain a “model apartment” in the property, and use it to show to prospective tenants.
  • Will supervise proposed renovations at the property, if included in your contract with us.

How to Get Started

When we meet with you to start up your property management account with us, we make sure to get all the information we need to take good care of you and your properties. You can download our startup forms below so you can see what we’ll be asking. If you would like to keep the startup meeting brief, you are welcome to fill in the forms yourself. You can even send them ahead of the meeting via email (but please omit bank account information if you do, as a precaution). Click to download…