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Tips & Reminders! Tenant’s Exterior Property Care

Dear Tenants:
Below are several reminders that will help with the upkeep of the exterior of your home:

  1. In light of the recent storms, we ask that you please pay close attention to the gutters, facia, eaves and rooves of the home.  If you notice any damages that results from severe weather you must submit this as a maintenance request to Greyhaven Realty immediately through your tenant portal.  It is imperative that we have the opportunity to investigate these issues before further damage occurs to the home.
  2. If the property has gutters and they need cleaning, please contact our office and we will schedule for that work to be done.
  3. Please be sure to also report any down trees and any limbs that are overhanging the home that may pose additional damage.
  4. For those of you living in single family or duplexes, please remember the landscaping and yard care are your responsibility (unless otherwise noted in your lease agreement). The City of Chattanooga will fine you if the grass, bushes, weeds or vines are not maintained as well.  You, your family, or guests should not park your cars in the grass as this causes damage to the landscaping.
  5. Changing your air conditioner filters monthly is also your responsibility.  Keeping your filters changed keeps the unit running more efficiently and will help to reduce your energy cost. If your unit fails this summer/winter due to the fact that filters have not been changed, you will be responsible for the repair of the unit.

You will be held responsible for the cost to repair any damages that result from neglect of these requests.

Thank you for cooperation in these matters.


Greyhaven Realty Management