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Greyhaven Realty - Property Management and Sales

We Moved!

We have moved to a new office. Our telephone number is unchanged.

If you want to stop by, our new address is

   1007 Ashland Terrace, Suite 104B

   Chattanooga, TN  37415

Please Whitelist Us!

Please whitelist us so our online services (and newsletters if you subscribe to them) can reach you. Many hosting services and some major email providers use anti-spam filters that are inexpensive, and they get what you would expect at a low price. They often mistake legitimate email for spam and block it. We only want to send you email for things you sign up for, such as showings on a property, and it upsets us when the email you're expecting gets blocked on its way to you.

In your whitelist, please accept emails from for newsletters, and for rental property management.

Upgrades Coming

Stay tuned! If you've been frequenting our website, you know we've been trying out new services to see what we can offer (and nix anything that isn't quite ready for prime time). We have upgrades in the works for our website, offices and of course our services.

High Standards of Service with Chattanooga-Style Personal Attention

We offer the high quality service Chattanooga deserves.

Whether your interest is commercial or residential, and whether you need property management (our pride and joy) or sales, we provide:

- a level of attention and care you can't get from a big national firm

- the depth of lifelong personal contacts throughout the Chattanooga area

- more than twenty years of experience in local real estate

Please click the link to your left that suits what you need. Send us a note or give us a call!


Welcome to the Scenic City

We are pleased to be your full service agency for rentals and real estate in and around Chattanooga. We manage both residential and commercial rental properties, so we can help you find a place for your business and a place for your family---to rent or to buy.

If you own properties and want to rent them out, but don't want the hassle of answering tenants' phone calls when something breaks, we'll be glad to manage your properties. Chattanooga operates very much on personal relationships. Whenever you are looking for a property and don't see what you want on our website, talk with us. Our people have more than 20 years of experience in Chattanooga real estate. With some asking around, chances are that we can find something to suit you.

You're welcome to browse our site, our newsletter archives, and our Scenic City Introduction where we clue you in about some of what makes Chattanooga such a wonderful place to live, work and do business!

Beware Scammers!

If anyone asks you to mail a security deposit to an address other than our office (the address is farther down this page), or if you are asked for bank details to set up an electronic transfer and you are not absolutely certain you are talking with our office, don't do it!

Like other property management companies (and many private landlords), our name and sometimes our photos get used by scammers. The scammers are especially fond of using Craigslist but they use other sites too.

We do advertise properties on Craiglist, but we will never, never ask you to mail a security deposit or rent check anywhere except our office. We also do not ask for electronic transfer details from anywhere other than our office. Our agents don't do that while they are out and about. In fact, even if we are returning your call to get those details, it's fine for you to call us right back so you are sure you are talking with our staff.

If a listing you like appears to be ours, call us at 423-648-6676 to ask about it, especially if the ad gives you some other number.

We're happy to help you if it is ours--and eager to chase down the scammer if it isn't.

Property Showing Schedules

We love to show the properties we have available. However, we only show them during the week, not on weekends.

If you are a realtor who wants to show a property that is for sale (not for rent), call our contact number from the MLS listing. We don't mind when you do a showing on a weekend as long as we are able to arrange access.

Tenants Can Pay Online

Tenants can pay rent online! If you want to do so, contact our office to get your online account set up. After you have an account, the Go To Rental Account link on our site will take you there.

Prospective tenants can also now pay such things as application fees by credit card instead of needing to write a check.

Residential Rental Application is Downloadable

We have turned our Residential Rental Application into a PDF form that you can download. It's the kind of PDF that allows you to fill it in through your keyboard if you wish. You'll need to print it after you fill in the blanks so you can sign it because we are still required to get your signature before we can process your application.

Please be aware that the form does not store what you type into it, so you cannot save it with your information in it. But we hope the downloadable form will make getting started with us a little easier.

Owners Get Payments Electronically

Owners can get paid via electronic funds transfer directly into their bank accounts. If you are an owner, by law we need an authorization form before we are allowed to do this. Please contact our office and we'll send one to you right away.

Smoother Startup for Owners

If you are a property owner who wants us to manage your properties, some of our startup paperwork is available for you to download. At the least, you can see what we'll be asking you. If you want to keep your startup session with us short, you can fill out forms ahead of time. Some forms even have a button on them that allows you to email them to us ahead of time.

To get to the forms, click here--the forms are at the bottom of the page.

Note to Real Estate Agents

Please note, we welcome referrals but only pay referral fees to agents who bring us new property owners or commercial tenants. We do not pay referral fees for new residential tenants.