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Greyhaven Introduces Streamlined Maintenance Request Process

Greyhaven Introduces New Maintenance Request Process

Maintenance requests are a regular part of any leasing relationship. Inevitably, a property will need maintenance at some point during the term of a lease. Coordinating between tenants and vendors, ensuring accurate and efficient invoicing, and determining exactly what repairs are needed can all lead to headaches you don’t need. That’s why Greyhaven has introduced a new maintenance request system, Property Meld. It makes handling those requests, and the repairs themselves, as efficient and painless as possible.  

Property Meld is a one-stop-shop for handling maintenance requests.

The system:

  • Accepts maintenance requests
  • Schedules maintenance service
  • Documents communication between all parties
  • Allows easy progress checks
  • Documents before and after for each maintenance request
  • Allows for speedy invoicing
  • Integrates with your existing platforms to seamlessly share data.

The platform allows residents, vendors, and owners to communicate using their preferred method. They can text, email, or chat in the app itself. Regardless of which method you choose, Property Meld documents the conversation for your records.

How Property Meld Makes Maintenance Easier for Owners, Tenants and Vendors

First, a tenant submits a maintenance request. Next, Property Meld asks the tenant to provide times they are available. Then, vendors can accept the times or offer other options, and Property Meld keeps Greyhaven in the loop. The vendor can text the tenant with appointment updates, reminding them the day and hour before the appointment. Vendors can also upload pictures to the file and invoice directly from the platform, letting Greyhaven and the property owner know when the repairs are complete.

On average, the Property Meld platform decreases the amount of time spent coordinating repairs by 60 percent!

Tim Wehner, a Property Meld client, says, “We no longer have customers complaining about missed appointments or incomplete work, which were our biggest complaints prior to implementing Property Meld. Our retention rate increased 4 percent, saving us work and our clients money.”


Greyhaven’s tenants love the speed and flexibility Property Meld offers. After using the system, they rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. For property managers, this leads to higher satisfaction and increased retention, while also giving you better, faster insights into what’s happening at each of your properties. 

Emilio Alvarez, a tenant who uses Property Meld, says, “I’ve lived in a lot of different places, and it seems that one thing in common is the frustrating process of getting something fixed. This system is great! I know when a repair will happen and even get to give feedback. All guessing is gone, and it makes things so much easier.”

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