About the Area

About the Area

Scenic City Introduction


Early every summer, about a mile of the downtown riverfront is closed to vehicle traffic for a nine-day music festival called Riverbend. Five simultaneously operating music stages are spread out along the river, each offering different music, just far enough apart so their music does not clash.

But that isn’t all. Downtown is also home to the Tennessee Aquarium, an IMAX theatre, the Discovery Museum, the Hunter Museum, a thriving art district, an amazing waterfront you have to see to comprehend… and too much more to list in a quick introduction. It’s a family friendly city where you’ll see parents with young children enjoying special events or just strolling comfortably by the river downtown, even after dark. It’s a place of Southern charm and hospitality. It’s a medium-sized city with the warm personality of a small town.

For a three-minute video glimpse of many of the Scenic City’s most familiar sights in a separate tab, click here.

Makers and Movers

It’s also a city of makers and movers. An astonishing number of things were invented here or were done here first, then spread across the United States. This is no accident. Chattanooga has a practically ideal logistical location for transporting goods throughout the South—the reason

  • Sherman’s march through Georgia was staged here
  • the Trail of Tears began here
  • Volkswagon built an immense new car factory here (which went into full production in September 2011 and is now adding another product line)
  • Amazon built a huge new distribution center near the VW plant before the car factory was finished

Creative Thinkers

The city has a longstanding record of creative thinking. Did you ever wonder where the idea for the National Park system began? Take a look at the Chickamauga Battlefield and you’ll recognize the precursor to the Park system.

Think downtown was always this well tended and felt this safe? Thirty years ago it was practically worth your life to go downtown after dark.

Believe it must always have been this green and lovely? Once upon a time, the EPA rated Chattanooga’s air the worst in the country, even worse than Los Angeles.

Think the technological leading edge is always Silicon Valley? In October 2013, Chattanooga became the only city in the Western Hemisphere to make gigabit Internet speed readily available to every business and home. The slowest broadband speed on offer here became twice as fast as the fiber optic speed being rolled out in London. That has attracted new businesses–and venture capital! Other cities are beginning to catch up, but we are the pace-setters.

Chattanooga believes in solving problems, always strives to make itself better, and quietly spreads its best creative solutions anywhere we can help.