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Community Resources for Coping with Coronavirus Challenges

Community Resources for Coping with Coronavirus Challenges

(last updated June 8, 2020)

We’re facing a situation unlike anything we’ve experienced before. In these uncertain times, we’re sure you have questions.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll do what we can to help. To start, we’re gathering and sharing information about community resources for coping with coronavirus challenges.

Food, Finances and Education

This document (click to view), prepared by the Hamilton County Department of Educations’ Family and Community Coordinator, is an excellent place to start finding community resources. Click through the tabs to find the names and contact information of organizations and businesses providing assistance. It includes places to find food for your student or family, get household support, and find educational resources to keep your kids busy and learning, even while they’re not at school. 

The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce also has a compilation of resources where people can give and get all kinds of help. (Click here)

HerMoney has put together a comprehensive list of resources that includes everything from student loan relief, to retirement plan rules, to credit cards and unemployment resources. View it here.

Here’s an excellent compilation of educational resources for kids. This guide to virtual museum resources (click here to view) includes coloring pages, virtual tours, podcasts, learning labs, and more. 

Coronavirus Tax Extension & Economic Impact Payments

The tax filing and payment deadline has been extended to July 15.

The IRS is currently processing refunds for people who’ve already filed their taxes.

The IRS started sending Economic Impact Payments to eligible Americans in April.

(Click here to visit the IRS for details about coronavirus tax relief and impact payments.)

Food Pick-Up Locations

Here’s a map and listing of sites providing meals for pickup for students in need. The meals (breakfast and lunch) are free of charge to children ages 0-18. (Click here to view the map.)

Restaurants Offering Carryout & Food for Students

Many area restaurants are offering carry-out and curbside pickup options. It’s a good way to not only get lunch or dinner, but also to support local small businesses who are hurting from social distancing. Click here for a list of downtown restaurants offering take-out and/or curbside pickup.

Tips for Service Workers

Want to help workers in the food and beverage industry? They may be experiencing reduced hours or even closures at their places of work, so this is a way you can help make up for their lost tips. Click here to visit the Chattanooga Beverage Alliance site, and you’ll get a randomly selected person to tip. Pay by Venmo or CashApp. 

If you’re in the food or beverage industry and want to sign up to receive tips, do it here.


Visit the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce for information about unemployment benefits and job listings for full and part-time work.

Health Information

Get current, unbiased information about COVID-19. The WHO and CDC both publish regular updates. You can count on them for accurate information about all things related to the coronavirus.

World Health Organization (click here)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (click here)

Tennessee Department of Health (click here)

Local Testing Sites for Hamilton County (click here)

On the local level, the Chattanooga Times Free Press has made its stories about the coronavirus available without a subscription. Find local updates here


Taking care of your mental and physical health is important right now. You may be feeling worried and anxious, and so are your kids.

Get helpful tips about protecting your mental health during social distancing, isolation, or quarantine from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (click here for SAMHSA tips for social distancing)

Also, the CDC has issued a guide about caring for yourself at home if you think you have COVID-19. (click here for the guide)

Working From Home

Have you suddenly found yourself working from home for the first time? Working remotely can be a little lonely and hard to manage when you’re not used to it. Here’s a guide with tips for helping you stay productive and connected while you’re working at home. 

Contact Us

There are still many unknowns about how we’ll all be affected by this virus and the community measures we’re taking to slow its spread. But we’re committed to helping you. Please contact us with questions about your rental property or the home you’re leasing.